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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Increase Blog or Website Traffic

How to increase traffic to your blog or website. This traffic is indeed very important for bloggers and even many people who think that traffic is the pulse rate of a blog. Traffic is also used as a benchmark to find out the popularity of a blog. But how to increase traffic to your blog ? ...

Actually a lot of tips and tricks to increase blog traffic across the internet, we just need to choose which one is right for tips on our blog. A lot of SEO experts who share their knowledge and experience on how to increase traffic to our blogs.

How to Increase Blog or Website Traffic
How to Increase Blog or Website Traffic

We agree that the traffic is very important for a blog or website. Now it's time we discussed how to increase traffic to your blog or website, especially for a new blog
  1. Submit blog to search engines is the first thing you need to do to attract more visitors to your blog is to submit your blog to various search engines available. The purpose of submitting your blog to search engines is that articles on our blog can be indexed by Search Engines. By submitting to a search, the search engines means that we include in the directory blog search engine. Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo!

  2. The second key thing that's important is to choose the keywords you want to pursue through your blog. Select keywords that many people searched through the search engines. The keyword search will make your blog is visited by many people and this is the essence of how to increase traffic on our blog . SEO of your blog that you wrote an article that can penetrate the first page of Google search results. Put the blog on the first page Google positions a guarantee more people will visit your blog, but it was very difficult because of the thousands of other bloggers to do the same.

  3. Create interesting content makes the content of interest is how to improve blog traffic that interferes with ease. For interesting content must not only original but also something that was sought by Internet users. The problem is to make writing interesting ideas do not come at any time. But if you're a blogger who has a lot of creative ideas and unique, you can put it on your blog. Google loves blogs that have unique and interesting articles as well as the original. Content is King.

  4. SEO optimization after you make an interesting article, the next thing you should do is SEO optimization. SEO optimization is very important to increase the traffic the blog or website. The Nice and interesting article if it does not appear on the first page of Google will be difficult to be discovered by others. The article is good, but not SEO optimized articles that can be defeated by unremarkable but good SEO optimization. So did the best for SEO optimization of your blog.

  5. Write articles and updates on a regular basis, then the more likely you are to increase your blog traffic. Frequently updated blog Google Bot will make regular visits to explore your blog page. In addition, the growing number of writings is also growing many keywords that will eventually give an impact on the increased traffic your blog or website. Well, if your SEO techniques less running smoothly, you can still get a lot of traffic to your blog in the following ways:

  6. Take advantage of current social media that knows no social media? Almost everyone has a Facebook account and Twitter. As a blogger, you must also have an account in the two largest networks in the world. Facebook has more than 1 billion users if there are only 0.000001 of Facebook users who visit your blog. Twitter is also booming, you should be using Twitter to get lots of traffic and make sure you get plenty of retweets a Tweet so that more people will visit your blog.

  7. Take advantage of Social Bookmarking in addition to social media, also use social bookmarking sites to increase traffic to your blog. Feel free to send your articles to social bookmarking variety there. Profits submit articles in social bookmarking in addition to visits from fellow users, can also get quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites.

  8. Active in forums Online forums is a place where people gather and share information and latest news. Well, if you want to increase traffic to your blog drastically, you try to also participate in an online forum.

  9. This method is somewhat old-fashioned Blogwalking but still very important to help your blog get more traffic. A blogwalking reason often carried out by bloggers can improve the relationship between bloggers, can also increase traffic your blog or website. Usually, a blogger blog you visit will provide a return visit to your blog. Well, here's visit will increase traffic your blog/website.

  10. Take advantage of the site's actual supply, I have not tried these tips, but after seeing many bloggers who have benefited from the questions and answers site I finally entered actively into questions and answers site can increase traffic your blog or website. Yahoo! Answers is a question and answer website that brings a lot of blog traffic for bloggers.

  11. Comments on high traffic, an indication of the popular blog is the number of comments on the blog. Especially for Blogspot users, try your comment boxes can be filled by ' everyone '. Because if only through your Google account is usually reluctant to comment. In addition, many of the bloggers are too many notices and rules for comment, leave a comment. Based on the opinion of the master of SEO can also improve the SEO article commenting on the blog.

  12. Guest blogging guest blogging is an activity where you write posts on other blogs. Or it could be someone who is writing on your blog. This method is very popular among bloggers because it can increase website traffic dramatically. When you write on someone else's blog that is quite popular, loyal blog readers will visit your blog. Because they will want to know about who is behind the text and figures to prove what you write.

  13. Comment on other people's blog comments on someone else's blog can increase your blog traffic, especially when we are commenting on popular blogs and comments we include comments are weighted. So much for blog visitors visit our blog to prove what we've commented.

That is the way to increase traffic on your blog and website. Hopefully can give positive results on your blog. Good luck


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