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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tips Blog : How to Install Live Traffic Feed

How to Install a Live Traffic Feed. Live Traffic Feed from the site Feedjit is required for a blog that is useful into history to find out where it came from visitors of our blog. And greater, again we can see the keyword or words of what is written in a Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo Search Engines, search, etc. That ends up in our live blog (directly) by clicking the Watch in real-time under the live traffic feed widget.

Tips Blog : How to Install Live Traffic Feed
Tips Blog : How to Install Live Traffic Feed

For those of you who want to add the widget above, follow the steps below.
  1. Visit the link:  Feedjit
  2. Click the widgets once you are on the site.
  3. Click one of the options Javascript widgets you need.
  4. After you select one of the 4 options there, then your mouse button [[ Click here to Customize it ]] and it is very useful to determine the color to fit on our blog. 
  5. Finished tinkering with color, Copy, and Paste to your blog by the way below.
  6. Logged into Blogger then to page elements and add a gadget in the sidebar or in the footer side up to the blog owner after that select HTML/JavaScript/JavaScript HTML after that paste the code in it that has the copy above.
  7. Click Save and Finish.
  8. Please see your blog now

Good Luck


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