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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Choosing Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing Domain Name for Your Website. The website not only helps in promoting your business or brand names, they also serve as the identity of your business online. Therefore, we have to be smart to choose a domain name. Here we will discuss some ways to select or specify a domain name for your website.

Choosing Domain Name for Your Website
Choosing Domain Name for Your Website

1. Similarity of the Domain Names with the Name of Your Website

The domain name should show similarities with your business name, but there are also some websites that do great with domain names that tell you about their product or service instead. There is no mention of a company name in the domain name. Also, some companies buying multiple domain names for the same business, to attract a wider customer segment. If the domain name you are looking for is already taken by another company, then you may consider domain names with the extensions, another NET, etc.

2. A grammar of Correct and Simple to Understand.

Use a proper name, it is interesting and can be remembered easily. Too many hyphens and numbers make it difficult to remember names, especially when telling others about it. If you need to insert a hyphen, you should do it, but don't overdo it!

3. Short, But Not Too Short.

A name that is short, without a doubt, it can be recalled quickly. However, don't make it too short. For example, if the company name used by you is, "The Shoes Producing Company from Texas", you can't keep your domain name as an acronym, "TSPCT", and any consumers to remember. It simply does not work like that. It is better to keep the name again, rather than a name that is easily forgotten.

Investigate the domain name that you have selected, and ensure that it is not copyrighted or business name, as this can cause legal problems, that's a waste of time and money. Be wise to avoid such problems. Protect your business by buying some domain extensions, to cut the competition. This will ensure that all businesses are directed to you.


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  2. Informative blog useful for those who are not aware about how to choose domain name for a website ..I followed the tips which you listed here and choose apt domain name for my business website then registered it through domain providers like for reliable cost ....

  3. If your domain name is exactly or partially the keywords you are targeting, it's easier for you to rank your site on Google's top position. That what you should keep in mind while selecting a domain name for your site.


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