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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10 Mistakes With Their Blogs

10 Mistakes With Their Blogs. Hundreds of blogs are started every day and many of them left after a few months because it takes time and energy to keep going the good business blog. Make no mistake, the blog is a great tool for building community, interact with potential clients, and marketing your services. So you need to use it effectively to drive traffic and get readers.
10 Mistakes With Their Blogs

We have found some common mistakes with their blog. Mostly, they don't use some of the features available to them with their blogging software. The following is a list of errors on their blog:


1. Don't post often enough. (Recommended: 2-3 times a week.)

2. The content is not focused, and the target audience is not clearly defined.

3. Post articles that are too long.

4. Do not connect a lot.

5. Bad grammar and typos.


6. There is no way for readers to leave comments and use trackbacks.

7. Too many categories or not at all.

8. The blog is not submitted to the blog directory.

9. No ping every time a new post is published.

10. Do not use the referrer tracking or a link to another blog.

A blog is like any other marketing tool, you have to use them correctly to get positive results. Optimize it by taking the time to learn the features and steps that will ensure success.


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