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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Best SEO Tips And Tricks - Keyword Placement In The Article

The Best SEO Tips And Tricks. All internet marketer or webmaster definitely wants their website is on the main page of searches based on the keywords you want. In this article, I would like to divide my science share SEO tips so that your website can appear on the first page based on the keyword you are targeting or you want.

SEO is a profitable way for internet marketers. Another case with PPC (Pay Per Click) that requires you to pay per click advertising by committing against the visitors, regardless if the visitor buys your product or not. With the appearance of your website on the search results page, that is pure or without pay will make our website has more visitors than ads that appear in the list where that list there is our website. This is because searchers tend to choose a list of sites on the menu are often greater than the bid page.

The bad side of SEO techniques is often searched engines change their algorithms or the way they are used to customize the website to appear on the main page. But don't worry, by following best SEO tips and tricks below, then your website will have a greater chance to appear on page 10 and was able to hang on to the position for a long period.

The Best SEO Tips And Tricks
Keyword Placement In The Article

These ways include:

1. The Keywords must be present on the text contained in the Link
Other sites that link to your website is caused by the way the search engine point of view. With the presence of keywords in your links then you will have a greater chance to appear in a ten-page with keywords.

2. The Keyword should be in the Title Tag
Search engines have a very great attention towards the title tag you created. It is this tag with the search engines will know what topics are contained within your website. For better results of keywords can be entered on the first list of tags. The title tag is desirable should not exceed 60 characters.

3. The Keyword that you want your links should be present.
To make the site a high ranking or the order in which you can enter the keywords you would like to link to you. For example, suppose you want to use keywords from one ebook links that you can use is

4. Run securely with keyword density SEO.
There are no rules that specifically mention the right keyword density because searchers often change the way or algorithm in analyzing their website. There are several theories that say google will assume your spam or junk site if there are 2% of the keywords you have in your content, but other search engines like Yahoo and MSN have just assumed that your content as spam or junk if the keywords contained in your content or articles of up to 5% of the number of words contained in your article.

Some SEO experts have been blending their opinion about keyword density or keyword. So should you focus on this theory? Including only the keywords at the beginning of your content and writing regularly or naturally. If you want to take the safe side, so you can include keywords compared to less than 2% of your content and place a try between the keywords one another in long distance. It is intended to make Your article look normal in the eyes of google.

5. Enter the keywords in the title or post title
Search engines are always observing carefully the words between the title and the first title. The proper way of keyword placement is by placing keywords between titles. But you have to be really sure that the keywords that you place the last match with the content or articles that you create.

6.  Looking for a tag that is bold, italic or the contrast between your keywords
Search engines pay more attention to the tags in bold or italics, so make the remaining tags in bold, italic or contrast so that your website has a higher ranking because more attention from the search engines.

7. Put the keywords in the beginning paragraph of your article
Although this method is not included in the SEO tips as I mentioned, but it is putting a good SEO strategy because more searchers pay attention to some first looks at your website. The placement of this keyword does not require HTML code.

8. Put the keywords in the meta tags
Google, Yahoo, and MSN are reading your content through meta tags and most notice this is the Google search engine. So why don't you press in to populate the meta tags with your keywords?

9. Put the keywords in the ALT tags.
Search engines can't read images or graphics, but they can read the task force with the ALT tag. If there are images on your website, then enter your keywords in the ALT tags, but don't do it too often.

10. Target specific keywords
Some keywords have high competition and lead to the opportunity to gain the highest rank they are smaller. It would be better if you target specific keywords and have a smaller competition. For example, if your keyword is currently a motorcycle so it is better if you change the keyword to the Motorcycle brand X.

11. Run the LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing)
Search engines find the equation of a word or words that relate to the keywords you are targeting for a description of the keywords to your article. Search engines will pay more attention to the page that contains the words associated with keywords, rather than pages that have only keywords only. For example, if your keyword is a car, then it would be better if there are similarities in your article or relevant words such as vehicles, transportation, and more. Orders for LSI, use Google sets at

12. Run the Proxy keyword
This way used to run websites that have keywords that are composed of 2-word phrase. As an example of marketing strategy. You use the strategies in the first sentence of Your article marketing and use in the fourth sentence. It is true that the way this is still counted as a way to put the keyword, but no right is more effective than the use of keywords simultaneously without the interference of the words between the two keywords. The proxy keyword or Keyword proximity is used for keywords that are composed of 2-word phrase.

13. Do not put the keywords that don't match the topics in your article.
Do not fill your article with keywords that don't relate to your topic. This would result in a negative impact on your keywords. Do not put the keywords that don't match the topics in your article. If the search engines see keywords that do not fit with the topic it is likely your site will be in prohibited or will not appear on search results pages.

Hopefully, these SEO tips are useful to you in getting the top spot based on the keywords you are targeting


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